Saturday, February 14, 2009

SQIP - Could this be the next Internet success story?

SQIP - Could this be the next Internet success story?


Now, I have no idea if this company will be a huge success or a big fat flop. Click Here for Audio on Sqip
If it is the next big success story, then many will stand to profit in a big way.

"After talking to the CEO, Christian Fortune on the phone for an hour recently, I feel more confident this could be the next Internet business success story. He appears to be very genuine and told me he has assembled a team of top notch professionals to pull this off." ....Nick Hetcher of

I thought you may want to know about this and at the least, check them out.

They are giving 100 FREE shares in SQIP if you join "now" (at time of this writing on 2/13/09), , with apparently no catches.

So, if that's all we did (collect the 100 shares), without having to give any personal or banking info, or ss# to the company, my thoughts are, what have I got to lose?
Possibly a LOT to gain for a small amount of my time. If you are uneasy about any of this, then this opportunity is NOT for you (Please stop reading now)

  • Remember Yahoo in 1996?
  • Remember Ebay in 1997?
  • Remember Google in 1998?

Imagine if you had grabbed some shares in the beginning!!!

Well...SQIP is a new (very powerful) social networking its beginning.

Again, for a limited time you get a 100 shares free when you open your Zero cost SQIP account.

The sqip portal is “jam packed” with sites and features that are always no charge to use.

GET THIS… SQIP advertising stakholders share all the earnings and benefits.


  • Unlimited no charge auctions and stores.
  • Biz networking- profile and find new business contacts.
  • Social Bookmarking with: tracking, multimedia, favorites, sharing, feedback, etc.
  • Zero cost Dating: profile, in depth search, pictures, webcam, messaging,live chat, favorites, fans, privacy protection.
  • Zero cost email accounts.
  • Selling B2B or B2C: no charge listings, catalogs, uploads, & more.
  • Sqip messenger will blow away the competition: IM, voice/video, etc.
  • Sqip Answers.
  • Back office: your referrals, stakeholder shares, & commissions.
  • Earn commissions on referral purchases 5 levels deep.
  • Sqips Towah Master Card.

Think of SQIP as kind of like combining: Yahoo, Twitter, Google, MySpace, Linkedin and Facebook combined. Then throw in some "Red Bull" to the mix.


I have nothing to lose by signing up, telling some
friends, and waiting to see how things progress with Sqip. I may even buy a few
(not a lot right now) shares also (besides the 100 f.ree shares we get just for joining).
If you agree with my thinking, you may want to join free and tell some friends.

I’d advise NOT spending much (if any) money on "extra" shares yet, until
they prove themselves. Certainly not more than you can afford to lose (just
being very cautious and safe). I am not making any income guarantees, as I
have absolutely no idea what will happen here.

For a very short time get 100 shares at NO Charge when you
open your Zero cost SQIP account today. Limited Time Offer.


To Join Free and Get Your 100 SHARES Now, Click:

(make sure to "confirm" email they send you within 24 hours
or you will NOT get your 100 free shares)



GC Jones

Independent SQIP Affiliate